2013 BIG Show Attendee Demographics

Retail's BIG Show 2013 was a big success. So big in fact, that 2013 attendance surpassed the record-breaking numbers achieved in 2012. Retailers from Texas to Tennessee and California to Connecticut made the trek to New York for the annual event. View a list of all attending companies.

In 2013, BIG Show attendance reached 27,600
Top 10 US States Represented

We had delegations from Brazil and Argentina as well as Sweden and Russia – in total, there were more than 70 delegations. View the complete country breakdown.

82 Countries were represented
Top 10 Countries Represented

Want to know more about our attendees? Read on – the demographics below highlight what are our attendees do, the retail environments they represent and just how much purchasing power they have as well as how much they planned to spend at the BIG Show.

89% of attendees play a role in purchase decisions
Type of Store or Business
Influential Buyer Breakdown
Job Responsibility
41% of attendees are C-level or Senior Executives
Attendee Purchasing Power
Estimate for Company Purchases on Products seen at Retail's BIG Show